How to pray in Islam using Arabic Language – Free Udemy course


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HOW TO PRAY IN ISLAM USING Arabic LANGUAGE is important because it teaches you how to pray in Arabic, many people want to learn Arabic to read Quran or pray correctly using Arabic language. One of the major problems that Muslims face is that they don’t understand Arabic so they pray in English or any other language AND THIS COURSE SOLVES THIS PROBLEM because it explains the process step by step starting from the prayer calling, how to perform wudu , how to pray and what you  say after praying all in Arabic  ,it also teaches you a lot of Arabic vocabulary and some Arabic Grammar rules that will benefit you in your learning journey , and it is accompanied by audios that will help improve your Arabic pronunciation and textbooks that you can download and study whenever you want.

How to pray in Islam using Arabic language covers these topics:

  • Introduction to praying in Islam.
  • The five prayers
  • Al-Athan (calling for prayer) and what to say after that in Arabic.
  • Performing Wudu step by step and it’s prayer.
  • How to pray step by step ( in Arabic)
  • And finally tips for performing a perfect prayer.
Who is the target audience?
  • Muslims who don’t speak Arabic and want to pray using Arabic language.

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