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This is a unique collaborative course in healing back pain and spine alignment.

It brings together 2 very powerful practices;

Acupressure and Kundalini Yoga!

When these 2 are combined, it ensures incredible results:

  • The Acupressure techniques are proven to be fast and effective for back pain relief.

We teach you in minutes exactly how to relieve, or even prevent pain in your back.

This is taught by Dr Bargak who has 30 years experience in this field!

  • We also have a FULL Kundalini Yoga set which is specifically designed to bring back pain relief, align your spine and increase your vitality and well being.

The more you make this set a part of your routine, even if for a few minutes a day, the more you will not only keep your back strong, flexible and healthy, but you will also ensure you maintain a consistent state of well-being and vitality!

This is taught by Mark Keane, the most experienced Kundalini Yogi in the South West of England.

If you ever suffer from any back pain, or if you wish to prevent this most common affliction, then this course is for YOU!

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for anyone who suffers from back pain
  • This course is for anyone who has bad posture
  • This course is for anyone who gets tired
  • This course is for anyone who gets depressed

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