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Microsoft Excel 2016 (365) Foundation Training Course

Microsoft Excel 2016 is included with Microsoft Office 365

This course is for Excel beginners.  We start by looking at the various Excel Selection Techniques and then see how to use these techniques for Manipulating Rows and Columns and also for Manipulating Cells and Cell Content

Next we look at how to use Microsoft Excel 2016 Worksheets.

The next few chapter cover things such as Font Formatting , Alignment Formatting, Number Formatting and Freezing Row and Column Titles

Then then examine Formulas and Functions.  Next we see how to create and format Charts within Excel 2016

Finally we have a look at options for customizing Microsoft Excel 2016


Who is the target audience?
  • You will need a PC with Microsoft Windows and Excel 2016 installed on it. Remember that this is a foundation course for people new to Excel 2016

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