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Have you ever wanted to draw awesome looking characters? But have no idea where to even start?

This course will help you develop skill and techniques needed to design and draw interesting and appealing looking characters, similar to the way it is done for comics, games and animation films. The course is loaded with tips and tricks which I’ve personally discovered in my own journey and of which you would rarely find in other courses and books.

What’s in this course?

You will start off by learning the basics of human anatomy and realistic human proportions. You will then learn how to convert that boring realistic human into something more interesting and appealing that could be used in a film production pipeline.

Specifically, this book will cover:

  • Realistic human anatomy and proportions.
  • Designing different character styles.
  • The steps to designing realistic and appealing looking characters.
  • A number of exercises to help you gradually create your own unique character designs.
  • 3 follow-along projects where you will see the creation of characters in real-time.

With over 50+ lectures, there’s plenty of useful tips and tricks designed to help bring out that inner artist within you.

Who is the course for?

The course is perfect for any beginner interested in designing and drawing characters. Everything will be explained in a simple to understand manner. You don’t need to have any formal background in the arts or even medicine.

You could be a 3D modeler wanting to get into character development. You could be a story writer wanting to get into creating comics. You could be a game developer wanting to concept out characters for games. Whatever it is, this course can be that first step to helping you reach your goals in a short amount of time.

We will be using the free drawing software Krita in this course, but it is not essential for you to use the same as well. You can use a pen and paper if you wish.

What is the expected outcome of the course?

By the end of this course, you will have gained skills and techniques needed to draw awesome looking eye-catching characters. These skills will be useful and can help provide a headstart if you plan to become a character designer one day.

You will be able to brainstorm and plan out a character design. You will also be able to realistic characters with believable anatomy.

You will also be able to develop character modeling sheets if you are a 3D modeler.

This course will continue to expand in future.

Who is the target audience?
  • Beginners interested in learning to draw characters.
  • Anyone who wants to learn the bare basics of human anatomy as needed for an artist.

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