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This course is about Capital Structuring of Businesses.

All the Business entities in this world, will work on this topic.

Because, Capital Structuring Decisions, would decide the long term stability of any business.

Business entities can have mix of their own funds and debt funds for running their business. But the mix should be an optimum one.

Wrong decisions in Capital Structuring would spoil the business which otherwise would have plenty scope for growth.

The capital structuring of the business also decides the leverage and returns for the owners.

So in this course, we will be learning

a) Introduction to Capital Structure Decisions

b) What is Optimal Capital Structure

c) Leverage Analysis

d) Case Studies on Capital Structure

e) Effect of Capital Structure on Earning of the Promoters.

f) Indifference Point in Capital Structure.

g) Capital Structure Theories.

h) Arbitrage Process.

The terminologies used in the course will be of basic finance.

This course has video lectures covering all the above topics.

This course is structured in self-learning pace.

Take this course to understand the importance of Capital Structure Decisions.

Mandatory Disclosure regarding course contents:

The contents of this course will also be available in

a) Financial Management – A Complete Study

b) Accounting, Finance and Banking – A Comprehensive Study

courses, which are comprehensive in nature. If you have already purchased any of the above two courses, then you need purchase this course.

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